Getting Online

We see the process of a getting a website online as a 7 stage process:

1. Business evaluation

We will come and visit you and your business to establish your exact website requirements. This gives us the chance to obtain a better understanding of the services/products you offer, while understanding what you need in terms of functionality from your website.

2. Website requirements and platform selection

By establishing what a business needs from a website, we can then make the decision on what platform and features are necessary to provide the functionality a business requires. The features that can be incorporated into our software are virtually endless, so whatever you need, we can provide.

3. Domain name and hosting account set-up

We will discuss with a business which domain names require purchasing, what is suitable, what is available and then secure these domain names for the business itself. We will always register any domain name or hosting account under the name of the business/business owner. This ensures that no matter what the future has in store, you have full control.

4. Gathering materials

We work with our clients to gather all of the necessary information and imagery that the website will need. Despite the necessity of having an aesthetically pleasing website, it is the website content that will sell the service/product.

5. Website design and development

This is obviously the most important part! Our quality of design coupled with extensive preparation through steps 1-4, means that we provide our clients with everything they wanted from their website. Unlike other web design companies, we provide our clients with direct access to our development area, so you can have full control over the progress of your site.

6. Training and website testing

We always ensure that a website is fully tested, both by us and our clients before allowing the rest of the world access to the site. It is also important to us to provide the necessary training so that our clients can update and extend their site as necessary. If you can use Microsoft Word, you will be able to update the sites content.

Don't want to update your site? We also provide maintenance contracts, where we contact our clients on a monthly basis to talk about updates and upgrades to the site, as well as undertaking extensive online marketing to promote the website globally.

7. Site goes LIVE, online marketing begins

Once everything is exactly as you want it, we will open your site to the world. Although a some marketing techniques are undertaken during the design of the site itself, the main promotion of your website will start here, through search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and email newsletter marketing. For more information on our online marketing services, please click here.


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